problem | kaffir lime

kaffir lime leaf spots

Why do my Kaffir lime leaves have yellow spots?

Often the spots relate to an insect, like scale, having sucked sap on the other side if the leaf.  Sometimes it can be damage on the leaves when they are young, then as they leaves grow older, the pest may have gone but the leaves grow with these imperfections, looking worse as the get bigger.

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2 Responses to “problem | kaffir lime”

  1. cheryl

    the flower on my passionfruit keep falling of is that because the bees are not working

  2. Grow Harvest Cook

    Lack of bees are caused from lack of sun ;-(
    Encourage bees with more flowers nearby and pray the rain stops.
    Our “Grow | Pumpkins” article has some tips on attracting bees with companion plants

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