problem | lemons

diseased lemons

There are brown spots on my new lemons, will my fruit be ok?

Did you have citrus beetles sucking their sap?  Pest oil every fortnight on all your citrus is a good way of treting all these sap suckers…and the fruit will probably still be ok though in bad cases the flesh will also be brown and spoilt below the skin.

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2 Responses to “problem | lemons”

  1. Rayna

    My lemons are ok on the outside but have no juice and “rust” marks on the flesh. Had heaps of water this year. I live in se qld. Can anyone help? I am a member of tamborine sustainable gardening club but no one there could help. Others in the group have experienced the same issue.

  2. Grow Harvest Cook

    Hi Rayna
    Brown spots inside are often a result of having an insect sucking young fruit in it’s immature stage. Insects like bronze citrus bug and spines citrus bug are the most likely culprits. These are best dealt with carefully as they can spit out a nasty substance that stinks and causes eye and skin irritation. Use goggles, gloves and long sleeves before picking them off or even vacuum them away!

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